h3 2015 Costs and Returns for a 200 Cow Cow-Calf Operation h3 p Enterprise budgets are the building blocks of a farm or ranch They represent estimates of income and expenses for a specific period of time using a set of production practices and inputs for that enterprise The budget in Table 1 on page 3 contains sample costs and returns for a typical cow-calf ranching operation in Northern Utah p h3 Estimating Farm Machinery Costs Ag Decision Maker h3 p Finally total cost per hour can be divided by the hourly work rate in acres per hour or tons per hour to calculate the total cost per acre or per ton The hourly work rate or field capacity of an implement or self-propelled machine can be estimated from the effective width of the machine in feet its speed across the field in miles per hour p h3 Publication 60 Field Crop Budgets h3 p other land-related costs Other overhead expenses should include insurance professional fees office vehicles and storage In all cases divide overhead expenses by the acreage of crop to express costs on a per-acre basis Interest on investment is an opportunity cost to you the rate of return that you expect or want on your invested capital p h3 Twin Creek Farm - Ton to Bale Price Conversion h3 p Bale price to ton price 2000lbs = 1 ton Step 1 Take 2000 divided by the average bale weight This will give you the number of bales per ton Step 2 Take the number you calculated from step one and multiply that by the price per bale and that will give you the price per ton Example Price per bale $4 50 p h3 2011 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator for Wisconsin h3 p Return to Operator per Acre grain and straw Total Cost per Bushel grain only Total Cost per Bushel grain and straw Management charge Government payments Government payments1 Crop insurance Alfalfa tons dry matter Lime ton Alfalfa Seed $ per ton DM Total Operating Costs per Ton Total Cost per Ton Boron Fertilizer spreading $ per ton Custom p h3 Ammoniation with anhydrous ammonia h3 p Equipment and its cost Equipment and its cost in a typical ammoniation station serving 20 000 beef cattle are listed in Tables 6-8 and 6-9 The ammoniation of 30 000 tonne of straw requires 900 tonne of anhydrous ammonia which can be transported by a 3-ton truck tank once daily Table 6-7 p h3 SAMPLE COSTS TO PRODUCE RICE h3 p in Tables 1 and 2 is provided for you to enter your costs The hypothetical farm operation production practices overhead and calculations are described under the are eligible for farm program benefits All operations are done on of the farmed acres unless noted needed for rice straw management p h3 Startup Bharat This bioenergy service startup is solving h3 p Operational in Ambala and Chandigarh renewable energy startup Verve Renewables collects and converts farm stubble into electricity It plans to collect 1 5 lakh tons of paddy straw this year to p h3 How To Determine Your Cost of Production - UC Small Farms h3 p Knowing the production costs of your crops is a prerequisite for determining how well your farm business is doing the difference between the value of yield per acre and inputs value It enables you to evaluate how efficiently resources are being used in your farm operations to predict how your business will respond to specific changes and p h3 Cost and greenhouse gas emission tradeoffs of alternative h3 p May 29 2013 nbsp 0183 32 Operating costs that are eliminated or reduced include costs of some raw materials needed for the lignin boiler and turbo-generator income costs e g sale of the HLFB and depreciation costs since maintenance raw material costs labor capital depreciation and loan repayment costs are all lower with the small boiler without a turbo-generator p h3 Energy Tips Steam h3 p Step 1 Calculate the current annual boiler fuel cost $3 200 000 per year Current Boiler Fuel Cost = Fuel Price x Steam Rate x Annual Operation x Steam Enthalpy Gain E 1 = $8 00 MMBtu x 50 000 lb hr x 6 000 hr yr x 1 190 Btu lb 150 Btu lb 6 0 78 x 10 Btu MMBtu = $3 200 000 per year Step 2 Calculate the boiler fuel cost of a new p h3 Enterprise Budget - Oregon State University h3 p an annual fixed cost in the full production year budget which is assumed to represent a stand life of three production years Results Tables 1 A and 1 B show the costs and returns for establishment and production respectively The field operations and their costs are detailed in Tables 2 A and 2 B p h3 BASIC WASTE WATER TREATMENT COSTS h3 p BIG FISH ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS 1 000 000 gpd 20 000 gal septage Operation year $132 644 00 day 363 00 gallon $ 0 000363 Processing gallon $ 0 0002687 p h3 STRAW-FIRED BOILERS h3 p Straw-fired boiler 1 200 PLN Straw-fired boiler 2 200 PLN Wood-fired boiler with gasification 4 600 PLN Coal dust-fired boiler 6 900 PLN Eco-pea coal-fired boiler 9 600 PLN Natural gas-fired boiler 19 000 PLN LPG-fired boiler 20 000 PLN Investment cost drying plant silo heater 880 000 PLN Cost of drying 1t of corn from 30 to 13 Heating oil 71 40 PLN ton Straw purchased 10 PLN ton p h3 Boiler Supplier - Farm 2000 h3 p Baling straw 2 tons 0 70 bale 18 bales ton 25 20 Haul amp Stack 0 27 bale 18 bales ton 9 72 Cleanup field 5 00 5 00 TOTAL SEED HARVEST amp POST HARVEST COSTS 200 12 TOTAL ALL COSTS 832 10 Value of straw estimated 30 00 ton 2 tons 60 00 Estimated value of hay 90 00 ton 4 tons 360 00 TOTAL COSTS LESS STRAW amp PASTURE VALUE 412 10 p h3 Sugarcane Straw Recovery for Bioenergy Generation A Case h3 p Since Lucerna consumes 2025 tons of coal per month i e US$62 ton a replacement using sugarcane straw i e US$11 ton could save the company almost US$62 000 66 approximately in five years a considerable amount for a small organic farm which was calculated from the cost of collecting the material from the field transporting and p h3 Biomass Boilers Hurst Boiler h3 p Hurst Boiler amp Welding Co Inc manufactures its biomass boiler systems with an extended burn chamber increasing dwell time for the combustion of any unwanted particulates and emissions before they are able to exit the system making the process much cleaner which reduces maintenance time and costs p h3 Off-field rice straw management - IRRI Rice Knowledge Bank h3 p Using rice straw for mushroom production can yield about 5 10 of mushroom products 50 100 kg of mushroom per 1 ton of dried straw Zhang et al 2002 and Ngo 2011 On the other hand cultivation of the oyster mushroom Pleurotus spp Figure 3b offers an on-farm technology for the bioconversion of poor-quality straw into nutritious p h3 Publication 225 2020 Farmer s Tax Guide Internal h3 p for estimating the cost of owning and operating farm machinery The data in Table 1 represent the cost per hour of owning and operating tractors but does not include labor cost Table 2 presents both a total cost per hour and a cost per acre for performing the specifed operations including labor cost The implement width tractor p h3 Biomass Properties and Consequences h3 p Boiler Supplier - Farm 2000 p h3 SAMPLE COST TO ESTABLISH AND PRODUCE h3 p Boiler Supplier - Farm 2000 p h3 FSA21 - Estimating Farm Machinery Costs h3 p Boiler Supplier - Farm 2000 p h3 OFFICIAL COMPILATION OF CODES RULES AND h3 p a Very large boilers The owner or operator of a very large boiler must comply with either the relevant presumptive RACT emission limit of paragraph 1 of this subdivision or a case-by-case RACT determination made pursuant to paragraph 2 of this subdivision as applicable p h3 Rice Producers Guide to Marketing Rice Straw h3 p the straw and potentially setting fire to the straw storage area If the movement of the bankouts is hard to control during harvest consider raking the straw windrows so as to allow them to dry uniformly before baling Although this added operation increases costs it p h3 FSA21 - Estimating Farm Machinery Costs h3 p for estimating the cost of owning and operating farm machinery The data in Table 1 represent the cost per hour of owning and operating tractors but does not include labor cost Table 2 presents both a total cost per hour and a cost per acre for performing the specifed operations including labor cost The implement width tractor p h3 Summary Report March 10 2010 Feasibility amp Cost Benefit h3 p Boiler Installation Cost Dont let that $20 000 price tag scare you According to ImproveNet data the average boiler installation cost is $4 889 total cost with most homeowners spending between $4 242 and $5 858 for a new boiler Boiler installation costs are much lower than $20 000 because more often than not pipes are in place and your home is equipped with all necessary vents and p h3 Agriculture Farmer pins hopes on boiler News h3 p Jun 23 2009 nbsp 0183 32 PORT TREVORTON With the installation of a $200 000 boiler at Windview Farm in Union Township Snyder County Morrill Mac Curtis hopes not only to reduce his operating costs but p h3 Division of Extension h3 p Example Farm Your Farm Products Enter your farm values in the blue boxes lbs of product Nitrogen fertilizer Potassium Liming Land ownership costs Custom Rate Charges2 Winter Wheat - grain Winter Wheat - straw tons acre Winter Wheat Seed bushel None Part-time Labor Part-time Labor Benefits Disk tandem 21 ft Drill double disk 10 ft Tractor 40 HP p h3 BetterBricks Boiler Operations amp Boiler Maintenance O amp M h3 p Boilers are often one of the largest energy users in a building For every year a boiler system goes unattended boiler costs can increase approximately 10 1 Boiler operation and maintenance is therefore a good place to start when looking for ways to reduce energy use and save money How Boilers p h3 20 Tons Biomass boiler Operating Costs--ZBG h3 p 20 Tons Biomass boiler Operating Costs Liming 08 27 05 When customers choose biomass boiler they will consider the operation cost of the boiler In addition to labor cost water cost electricity cost maintenance and overhaul cost the cost of fuel p h3 2021 Boiler Replacement Costs Boiler Installation Prices h3 p FSA21 - Estimating Farm Machinery Costs p h3 AgSTAR Data and Trends AgSTAR Biogas Recovery in the h3 p Environmental Benefits In calendar year 2020 manure-based anaerobic digesters reduced GHG emissions by 5 00 million metric tons of CO 2 equivalent MMTCO 2 e 4 17 MMTCO 2 e direct methane reductions 0 82 MMTCO 2 e emissions avoided From 2000 through 2020 manure-based anaerobic digesters have reduced direct and indirect emissions by 46 6 MMTCO 2 e In 2020 energy generation p h3 Life cycle assessment of rice straw co-firing with coal h3 p Aug 01 2013 nbsp 0183 32 The general operation for rice straw collection is baling Table 7 indicates the breakdown cost for rice straw bale at collection point Total rice straw cost is RM 28 20 bale at collection centre but the rice straw transportation cost from CC to the existing coal power plant must be added p h3 Energy Saving Fact Sheet Chillers h3 p 100 ton chiller running 24-hours each day 180 days year at the efficiency as shown below average annual electric-ity cost of $0 086 kwh Chiller Operating Cost Annual Operating Cost - 100 Ton Chiller Part Load Condition Cost To Operate 0 5 kw ton $18 600 0 6 kw ton $22 300 0 7 kw ton $26 000 0 8 kw ton $29 700 0 9 kw ton $33 400 p h3 SAMPLE COST TO ESTABLISH AND PRODUCE h3 p HARVEST COSTS Digging 2 65 per clean ton Yield - 42 tons acre 111 30 Hauling 2 50 per clean ton 105 00 TOTAL HARVEST COSTS 216 30 TOTAL ALL COSTS 1 428 79 In order to determine the value of a ton of sugar beets several variables must be known p h3 Boiler - Doosan Heavy Industries amp Construction h3 p FLEXIBLE amp RELIABLE OPERATIONS WIDER FUEL FLEXIBILITY ECONOMICAL CAPEX Doosan supplied best-in-class 274 atg 613 624 176 C USC boiler Doosan boiler provides the lowest OPEX to customers with the highest steam condition and boiler effiency Doosans state-of-the-art boiler technologies allow stable boiler operation even at low and medium loads p h3 300 Cow Herd - Corn Silage Ration - Province of Manitoba h3 p Costs include labour investment and depreciation but do not include This budget outlines the cost of production for a cow-calf operation 2 Buildings and equipment are valued at new cost 3 All feed is purchased Number of Tons Bull Year 1 0 tons bull year Hay Price $ ton x 50 ton Number of Bulls x 12 bulls 247 300 cows = p h3 AAON Heating and Cooling Products h3 p The AAON LL Series is a packaged outdoor mechanical room available with chillers boilers and pumping packages 35-540 tons cooling and 500-6 000 MBH heating Natural Gas or Propane It is engineered for high performance energy efficient operation while being easily serviceable and reducing field installation time and costs p